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Medinova Medical Centre is the newly established bulk-billing medical centre located on 96 Brisbane Street in Cowra. Our Doctors are fully trained, qualified and accredited. Our mission for health aims to deliver outstanding care by providing an extensive range of  services through suitably qualified and dedicated Practitioners and staff. The centre is looking to enhance healthcare in the Cowra and surrounding areas by providing people with another option when it comes to looking after their families. Medinova Medical Centre offers general medical examinations, immunisations and vaccinations, men and women’s health assessments and referrals to specialists.

At Medinova Medical Centre, we are committed to promoting health, well-being and disease prevention to all patients. We do not discriminate in the provision of excellent care and aim to treat all patients with dignity and respect and everyone of all ages can come and discuss their health needs and be given the necessary support and time to do so. We aim to provide patients with primary, comprehensive, continuous and confidential medical care in all aspects of family medicine and endeavour to attend to all emergency cases as quickly as possible.  We are also a medical centre which ensures that all our policies and procedures comply with the relevant industry and government standards.

We believe in good health for everyone, therefore we bulk-bill our patients with a valid Medicare Card, Pension/Health Care Card or DVA (Veterans' Affair) for all consultations. At Medinova Medical Centre, we take pride in providing our full range of medical services to patients of all backgrounds including those from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Your medical records are confidential documents. It is the policy of this practice to maintain the security of your personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is available only to authorized members of staff. It may not be shared with anyone outside the centre without the patient’s express consent and authorization.

Medical Records
To transfer records to this centre, please collect a transfer form from reception at the front desk. You are required to fill the form and return to reception for the Doctor to sign. We will then forward your transfer to the nominated medical centre you have allocated. Please note that your pre-existing doctor or medical centre may charge you a fee for the release of your medical records, as this is usual practice.
To have your records transferred from our medical centre to another Doctor or medical centre, you
will need to give us your written consent for us to release them and also the transfer form that may be required by the other medical centre. We will send your records by registered post.

We welcome walk-in patients who do not have an appointment. However, patients with an appointment will have priority over those who do not. Also, if the problem is not urgent and is complex and requires a thorough examination, then we recommend you make a long appointment to give our doctors sufficient time to address your healthcare needs.

After Hour Care
The Medinova Medical Centre after hours telephone has an answering machine which provides the centre's opening hours, after hours emergency care number, ambulance phone number and directs patients to the local hospital. For urgent after hours care and emergencies, please call Triple Zero (000) or present yourself to the emergency department at the Cowra Hospital (Ph: 02 6340 2300).

Repeat Prescriptions & Referrals
When you require a repeat prescription we request that you make an appointment to see a Doctor. In cases of urgent need, at the discretion of the Doctor, a repeat prescription may be written without a consultation.  When repeat presciptions are issues without the patient being seen by a Doctor, a fee may be charged. Referrals ensure that you are referred to the appropriate specialists to address your healthcare needs. Medicare does not allow backdated referrals. It is strongly encouraged that you attend the centre in person to collect your referrals so that your Doctor can properly review your condition and refer you to the appropriate specialists.

Medical Certificates
Medical certificates are a legal document and it is illegal to back date medical certificates. Medical certificates will only be issued for genuine medical conditions that require time off from work or studies. To obtain a medical certificate you must have a consultation with a Doctor. A small fee may be charged for replacement medical certificates.

We recommend that patients return for a follow up consultation to discuss the results of all tests.

Pathology result times vary depending on what specimen has been sent away for testing. We encourage patients to make an appointment with the Doctor to discuss their results. We also have a recall system set up to recall patients for results whether the results are urgent or non-urgent.

Comments & Complaints
At Medinova Medical Centre we welcome your comments on how to improve our centre and our services. Please talk to your Doctor or our receptionist staff about your concerns or suggestions. Alternately, we have a confidential suggestion box located in our waiting room. In the unfortunate event of less than satisfactory service from administrative or medical staff please ask to speak to the doctor concerned or practice manager on duty. Our doctors are independent practitioners and are individually responsible for their clinical decisions. You can also lodge an official complaint with the Health Complaints Commissioner at Locked Mail Bag 18, STRAWBERRY HILLS NSW 2012.



Medinova Medical Centre

96 Brisbane Street

Phone: 02 6342 2555

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